Bristol Con!

On October 26 I’ll be heading to Bristol Con. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there just yet, but a signing and perhaps some panels are on the cards as well as general mooching. It’s my very first convention so if you see a bearded man looking lost it’s likely to be me – […]

Anatomy of a fight scene

Gun battles, fine. Car chases, sure. But give me an eyeball-to-eyeball bout of fisticuffs every time – to use Keanu as an exemplar, I’ll always go for Neo over John Wick. An honest to goodness dust-up can be as effective in prose as it is on screen but the guidelines work a little differently: we’re […]

The Unreal from Real

How does a good book kill the hours? That reverse-Narnia effect of a page-turner – as effective at eating up trans-national flights as long afternoons on the sofa. A novel worth its salt has a number of tricks to stop you going about your daily life and one in particular that always fascinates me is […]

… and it begins

Right, so here’s a first stab at a website. I’ll be posting stuff here about the launch of Ruin’s Wake, my debut novel, in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for swanky additions (like a working menu structure and some pictures, if I figure it out).